Section 7: Democracy in crisis

82. Social media moderation of political talk (Shannon McGregor)
83. The speed of technology vs. the speed of democracy (Ben Epstein)
84. The future of election administration: How will states respond? (Jennifer L. Selin)
85. How the movement to change voting procedures was derailed by the 2020 election results (Martin P. Wattenberg)
86. From ‘clown’ to ‘community’: The democratic potential of civility and incivility (Emily Sydnor)
87. Searching for misinformation (David Silva)
88. Relational listening as political listening in a polarized country (Kathryn Coduto)
89. QAnon, the election and an evolving American conservativism (Harrison Lejeune)
90. President Trump, disinformation, and the threat of extremist violence (Kurt Braddock)
91. The disinformed election (Saif Shahin)
92. Election 2020 and the further degradation of local journalism (Philip Napoli)