Section 4: News and journalism

43. When journalism’s relevance is also on the ballot (Seth C. Lewis, Matt Carlson and Sue Robinson)
44. Beyond the horse race: voting process coverage in 2020 (Kathleen Searles)
45. YouTube as a space for news (Stephanie Edgerly)
46. 2020 shows the need for institutional news media to make racial justice a core value of journalism (Nikki Usher)
47. Newspaper endorsements, presidential fitness and democracy (Kenneth Campbell)
48. Alternative to what? A faltering alternative-as-independent media (Scott A. Eldridge II)
49. Collaboration, connections, and continuity in media innovation (Valerie Belair-Gagnon)
50. Learning from the news in a time of highly polarized media (Marion Just and Ann Crigler)
51. Partisan media ecosystems and polarization in the 2020 U.S. election (Michael Beam)
52. What do news audiences think about ‘cutting away’ from news that could contain misinformation? (Richard Fletcher)
53. The day the music died: turning off the cameras on President Trump (Sarah Oates)
54. When worlds collide: contentious politics in a fragmented media regime (Michael X. Delli Carpini)
55. Forecasting the future of election forecasting (Benjamin Toff)
56. A new horse race begins. The scramble for a post-election narrative (Victor Pickard)