Section 6: Popular culture and public critique

71. On campaigns and political trash talk (Michael Butterworth)
72. It’s all about my “team”: what we can learn about politics from sport (Natalie Brown-Devlin and Michael Devlin)
73. Kelly Loeffler uses battle with the WNBA as springboard into Georgia Senate runoff (Guy Harrison)
74. Made for the fight, WNBA players used their platform for anti-racism activism in 2020 (Molly Yanity)
75. Do National Basketball Association (NBA) teams really support Black Lives Matter? (Kwame Agyemang)
76. The presidential debates: the media frames it all wrong (Mehnaaz Momen)
77. Live… from California, it’s Kamala Harris (Mark Turner)
78. Who needs anger management? Dismissing young engagement (Joanna Doona)
79. Meme war is merely the continuation of politics by other means (Rodney Taveira)
80. Satire failed to pack a punch in the 2020 Election (Allaina Kilby)
81. Election memes 2020, or, how to be funny when nothing is fun (Ryan M. Milner and Whitney Phillips)