Section 3: Candidates and the campaign

34. The emotional politics of 2020: fear and loathing in the United States (Karin Wahl-Jorgensen)
35. Character and image in the U.S presidential election: a psychological perspective (Geoffrey Beattie)
36. Branding and its limits (Ken Cosgrove)
37. Celtic connections: reading the roots of Biden and Trump (Michael Higgins and Russ Eshleman)
38. Kamala Harris, Bobby Jindal, and the construction of Indian American identity (Madhavi Reddi)
39. Stratagems of hate: decoding Donald Trump’s denigrating rhetoric in the 2020 campaign (Rita Kirk and Stephanie Martin)
40. Campaign finance and the 2020 U.S. election (Cayce Myers)
41. The Emperor had no clothes, after all (Marc Hooghe)
42. Trump’s tribal appeal: us vs. them (Stephen D. Reese)